The "Rodot Stanchovi" collection is among the most significant donations that the National History Museum receives. It consists of 290 cultural values, donated in 2007 by Ivan Stanchov, Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to Great Britain (1991-1994) and Minister of Foreign Affairs (1994-1995).

The exhibition shows part of the donation - portraits, personal belongings, awards, certificates, photographs, clothing, related to the life and activities of several generations of diplomats and public figures of the Stanchovi family, who worked for the good of Bulgaria.

A central place is given to cultural values ​​related to Dimitar Stanchov, diplomatic agent and plenipotentiary minister of Bulgaria in a number of European countries, including Austria-Hungary, Russia, Great Britain, France. On display are D. Stanchov's personal seal, diplomatic uniform and the highest degrees of honors - the gold necklace of the Ernestine Sachs Coburg-Gothic Home Order, the "Italian Crown" order, the "Star of Romania" order, the award certificate with the "St. Alexander", Grand Cross, with diamonds from 1910, pads with exquisite miniatures of Bulgarian and foreign orders and medals. Among the exhibits are a 16th-century icon with metal fittings of the Mother of God Troeruchitsa, a belt by Efrosina Stanchova, a divot, a watch and a rosary by Yani Stanchov. Documents and awards of Ivan D. Stanchov, diplomas and awards of Anna and Nadezhda Stanchov are arranged; the book "Palace and Diplomatic Memories" by Anna Stanchova, published in 1930 in London; a silver fruit bowl from the villa "Three Wells" in Varna, today a therapeutic center for children "Karin Dom".

The collection presents the family tree and photos of the Stanchovi family, awards and orders of Ivan Iv. Stanchov, among which are the Badge of Honor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Order of the Legion of Honor of the Republic of France, the Brazilian Order "Rio Branco", the Order "Star of Italian Solidarity".

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