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  • Central lobby

  • Central lobby

What events we organize:

Most frequently requested

  • ✓ Corporate parties, team building, ceremonies
    ✓ Weddings and other personal events
  • ✓ Filming of cinema and television productions, commercials
    ✓ Provision of the NIM conference hall (320 seats) for meetings, symposia, concerts
    ✓ Film screenings in the Plenary Hall
  • ✓ Providing the park area to the museum

Our areas:

Detailed description

  • Central Foyer (Amphitheater) – a convenient place for filming cinema and television productions, commercials, conducting reviews, presentations, ceremonies, awarding certificates and other events for up to 150 people.
  • Hall 3 (Sun Hall) – the most representative hall of NIM, with a wonderful view of Vitosha. The hall can accommodate up to 150 people for an official dinner. It also provides the opportunity to hold other types of events - cocktails, concerts, celebrations, awards, private celebrations, etc.
  • Plenary hall – The hall has 320 seats, a screen (5 by 3,5 m) and a modern projector. Provides an opportunity for film screenings, presentations, concerts, conferences and other types of events.
  • The park space – covers the areas in front and behind the museum building. The green areas in the front are convenient for concerts, team building and others. Behind the building there is also a water area in a cascade, which makes this part preferred for holding events - formal dinners, cocktails, concerts, celebrations, awards, personal celebrations, team building, reviews and others.

    The museum can provide a sound system with up to 4 microphones for use.

    When filming cinema and television productions, advertisements, other areas of the museum beyond those already mentioned may be agreed upon.

    The different areas can be rented separately or in different combinations depending on the needs of the event.

    When holding an event, the museum provides an offer only for the areas and electricity. This includes a wardrobe for up to 400 people, sanitary facilities and technical assistance from a team of the National History Museum. If desired by the client, they can use additional services - guided talks, sound system, pillows and others. 

Plan an event

  • ✓ Choose a day and time
  • ✓ Request an event type
  • ✓ Save preferred areas

Methods of payment

Payment is made by bank transfer or on the spot during business hours up to five days before the visit.

IBAN: BG34 UNCR 7630 3100 1130 32

Items prohibited for:

On the territory of the National History Museum, the following items, which can be left in a wardrobe, are prohibited:
– voluminous backpacks and bags
– food and drinks in the halls
– melee and firearms

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