General information

Documentation for participation in public procurement will be accepted only by courier or Bulgarian post during the state of emergency in the country.
An incoming number will be received in the "Clerical" department on the following phones:
+359899028717; headquarters: +35929557604, extension: 153

"Profile of the buyer" contains all the information about the public procurements awarded by the National History Museum (NIM), according to the requirements of the Public Procurement Act (PPA).
NIM is a legal entity, a secondary authority with a budget to the Ministry of Culture, created by Order No. 90/05.05.1973 of the Council of Ministers, and as such is a public procurement awardee under Art. 7, item 1 of the Civil Code.
Pursuant to Art. 8, para. 3 of the ZOP, the actual actions on awarding public contracts and concluding contracts in the NIM are carried out by its director.

You can get general information about the public procurements awarded by NIM from:
Irina Stanoeva - chief accountant, phone: 02/955 62 26.
Data for correspondence with NIM in connection with the public contracts awarded by it:
Address: 1618 Sofia, 16 Vitoshko Lale St
Fax: 02/955 76 02
Working hours: 9.00 - 17.30


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