The collection was created in 1977. The total number of museum objects is over 200 and includes wall, table, pocket and wrist watches. They are made of precious and base metals, some decorated with colored enamel, precious stones, engraved with plant and zoomorphic ornaments.

The number of pocket watches is predominant. The collection includes representatives of almost all famous brands: "Omega", "Longines", "Movado", "Prior", "Stupenda", "Urania", "Lanco", "Planchon", "Roskop", "Eterna", Borel, Bulgari, Felsus, etc. The watches belong to prominent politicians and public figures, prominent military figures, cultural figures, as well as ordinary citizens.

Among the valuable exhibits are gold pocket watches of militiaman Ivan Bobevski, presented to him by Emperor Nicholas II on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation, of Count Ignatiev, presented to the museum by his grandson, Yane Sandanski's watch, presented to him by Miss Elena Stone, Gen. Gold Watch. Nikifor Nikiforov, Minister of War 1912-13, "Zenith" watch of Gen. Vladimir Vazov, the gold watches of the politician Konstantin Muraviev and the artist Ivan Nenov, the desk clock of Elisaveta Bagryana.

Also impressive are two "Planchon" mantel clocks, made of marble with rich bronze decoration.

There are also a significant number of pocket watches, various brands, made of precious and non-precious metal, decorated with the monograms of Tsar Ferdinand I and Tsar Boris III, which were given as gifts to nobles or meritorious citizens.

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