The "Traditional clothing" collection includes women's, men's and children's clothing from the XIX - the first half of the XX centuries. The collection includes over 3800 inventory items, the first of which is a women's belt from the village of Rakilovtsi, Radomirsko, made in 1870. Recorded in the inventory book of the museum as number 5 in 1975, it also marks the beginning of the formation of the collection. Folk costumes and individual elements of traditional Bulgarian clothing from various ethnographic areas are stored in the collection.

The most numerous are the women's costumes, which typologically belong to the three types of traditional women's clothing identified in the ethnographic literature: double-cloaked, cloth-covered and sayano. From the group of double aprons, characteristic mainly of Northern Bulgaria, the collection includes costumes from Vidin, Lom, Vrachan, Lovesh, Pleven, Nikopol, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse, as well as costumes from Dobruja. 

From the cloth type of women's clothing, costumes from the regions of Transko, Breznishko, Sofia, Samokovsko, Ikhtimansko, Smolyansko, Starozagorsko, Yambolsko, Elkhovsko, Karnobatsko, Troyansko, Gabrovsko and others are included.

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