Collection "Flags" was created in 1975 and contains 84 fund units. Insurgent flags, flags of parties and political organizations, trade associations, schools, charitable fraternities, cultural and educational societies, public and cultural institutions are stored in it.

Significant exhibits in the collection are: flag of the Kratov Cheta of the Ilinden-Preobrazhensky Uprising, 1903, flag of the Society of Refugees from Enslaved Trunsko, 1920, flag of the Macedonian-Odra Militia Company in Pleven, 1912-1913, flag of Society of Knights of the Order "For Courage", village of Slavyanovo, Nikopol, 1934, flag of the Society of Reserve Officers "Three Ears", Slivnitsa, 1921, flag of VI Sofia Men's Gymnasium "Simeon the Great", 30- those years of the XX century, etc.

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