Collection "Funding library - new", main fund, was formed in 1986 on the basis of the previously created "Funding library - old" of the National Museum "Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship", later expanded under the name National Museum "Bulgaria and the Slavic world", and since 1991 the museum has been part of the National History Museum.

The collection was formed by transferring books from the old stock library and supplemented by purchases and donations. It contains 1070 pieces of cultural values, mainly in Bulgarian, but there are also some in Russian, French, German, Croatian, Macedonian, and Serbian. The collection includes books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, albums, atlases, dictionaries. In terms of their content and issues, they are distinguished by their diversity, which covers a number of topics. Among them, a conditional grouping can be made:
Studies on the medieval history of Bulgaria; Lives of Cyril and Methodius; Ostromirovo Gospel; Life of Dimitar Solunski; Church Slavonic literature; Old Bulgarian painting; Searches for the Bulgarian history of Yu. Venelin; The Bulgarians in Macedonia, Bessarabia, Moravia, Timoshka, etc.

Revival; Archive of the Revival; Beginning of the Bulgarian Revival; Revolts of the Bulgarians before the Liberation; Renaissance cultural and educational figures and activists of the NOD; Diarbekir exiles; The sufferings and horrors of the Bulgarians; The Eastern question, etc.
Russo-Turkish War 1877/1878; The Bulgarian militia; The defense of Pleven; Battles of Shipka; Military medical work and private aid during the war; Memories of Veterans; Holy places of grateful Bulgaria; Anniversaries of Liberation; Albums, etc.
New and Latest Bulgarian History; The national question; Wars of unification; Diplomatic history of Bulgaria; Social democracy; Historical events and personalities; Political movements; Socialism; Literature, Art, Culture; Philosophical and political views of G. Dimitrov, G. Bakalov, Ass. Zlatarov et al.

Slavism; The ancient and present Slavs; Tribal and cultural ties between the Slavic peoples; Struggle with the German invaders; Slavic folk art; Slavic days and gatherings; Companies in Bulgaria; Slavic literature and art; Cultural ties, etc.
Throughout the history of the Balkan Peninsula, the European nations, Russia, Serbia, France, the USSR, Yugoslavia; History of modern Europe; International Relations; Political and philosophical views of G. Plekhanov, A. Bebel, K. Kautsky, Vl. Lenin; Collected works of N. V. Gogol, M. Gorky, etc.
Dictionaries; Atlases; Textbooks; Magazines and newspapers, including: "Bulgarian-Russian Periodical", "Worker's Delo", "Niva", Bulgarian Historical Library", "Slavyanski Glas", "Novo Vreme", "Zveno", "Druzhba", "Bulgarian- soviet unity".

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