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In the digital library of the National History Museum you will find specialized scientific literature. It includes history, archaeology, ethnography, numismatics, art history, spragistics and others.

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The specialized scientific library in the National History Museum was created simultaneously with the creation of the museum itself - on May 5, 1973. However, work on the acquisition of the book collection and the organization of book borrowing, as well as the organizational activities for the actual creation of the museum, began a year later.
The vast majority of the book stock in the library today are books that are usual for a museum library. At the same time, during the last half century, a significant number of valuable and rare editions obtained as a donation and purposely purchased for use by museum specialists have been accumulated. It is precisely these valuable and rare editions that we will begin to present in this section of our Digital Library every Friday.
Why on Friday? Because of the symbolic importance of this day for NIM - the Order of the Bureau of the Council of Ministers on the creation of the National Historical Museum was promulgated in the State Gazette, that is, it came into force, in its issue 90 of May 25, which in 1973 fell precisely on a Friday.
At the very beginning, one clarification is needed. The valuable and rare editions that we will present in this section are only and only, according to our current plan, from the library fund in the National History Museum, and not from the collections in the museum's fund - although there are a much larger number of manuscripts there , old printed books and rare editions, some of which are of world importance - the Ohrid transcript of the "History" of the kuropalata Ioan Skilitsa from the XNUMXth century (the only large medieval chronicle preserved in Bulgaria), the Boyan Psalter also from the XNUMXth century and etc.

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