A little over a month ago - on March 28, 2023 - Dr. Mercia McDermott, who loved Bulgaria and us Bulgarians so much, left us forever. Photo from the front cover of the Bulgarian edition of her latest book Mercia MacDermott Once upon a time in Bulgaria. Manifesto Press, 2016 / Mercia McDermott Once upon a time in Bulgaria. Sineva, 2022

Equal to the characters of his books.
Memory of Dr. Mercia McDermott

"To the Bulgarian people,
who gave me more
than I can
to thank him.”

Book dedication Mercia MacDermott The Apostle of Freedom. A portrait of Vasil Levsky against a background of nineteenth-century Bulgaria. Allen and Unwin, 1967 / Mercia McDermott The apostle of freedom. Biography of Vasil Levski. People's Youth, 1970

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