Hemispherical silver bowl with gilt. On the body there is a mesh ornament of pentagons and hexagons. Below the rim of the mouth is a belt of double braid with a dot in the middle.

Silver bowl with gilding from Zareva mound

Chalcidian type helmet with removable nipples. It is made of bronze alloy by casting, forging, polishing and brazing. It completely covered the head and nape, leaving the face and ears free. The skull has an elongated oval shape. The nipples have an elongated shape, rounded at the lower end and arcuately cut at the upper front end, following the continuation of the eyebrows. They are removable, attached to the calota by means of hinges. A sculpture of a three-headed serpent is mounted on a plate at the top of the helmet. A preserved leather cap was found inside the helmet. Discovered during archaeological excavations by Daniela Agre in 2005, Dating: XNUMXth century BC.

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