National History Museum Research Group Individual Reports 2023

A scientific group of specialists with scientific degrees or holding an academic position has been established at the National History Museum. The members of the scientific group, according to their expertise, carry out scientific processing of the museum fund, participate with reports in scientific forums, prepare and publish scientific works, study good practices in the field of museum work, engage in exhibition, collection and scientific popularization activities. Among the members of the scientific group of the National History Museum there are specialists in various fields of historical knowledge and related applied sciences - ancient and medieval archaeology, trachology, medieval Bulgarian history, history of Bulgaria under Ottoman rule, Bulgarian revival, new and modern history, numismatics, paleography, heraldry, sphragistics, phaleristics, etc.

The scientific group of the National History Museum consists of 17 experts:
One professor, three associate professors, one principal assistant, one Doctor of Science and twelve Ph.D.
9 doctoral students work in the National Historical Museum.

Individual reports

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