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The FIRST director of NIM was Prof. Strashimir Dimitrov, appointed in June 1974.
The FIRST exhibit is arshin - tailor's, wooden, handmade, received in the museum on February 25, 1975.
The FIRST employee appointed was Zarko Ganchev Ganchev, restorer - appointed on June 1, 1974.
The FIRST exhibition of the museum was "Prehistoric Art in the Bulgarian Lands", opened on May 4, 1975.
The FIRST exhibition abroad - "1000 years of Bulgarian icon", traveled to Paris, Moscow, Leningrad, 1976.
FIRST excavations of NIM - in the area of ​​St. Spas to the Belovo Basilica (Great Belovo), Pazardzhik, 1978.
The FIRST scientific expedition of the museum was in Haskovo District - 1978.

1973, The Beginning

The beginning

The National History Museum was established by Order No. 90 of the Council of Ministers of May 5, 1973.

His task is “…. to search for, collect, preserve, research, publicize and display material and documentary monuments related to the entire history of the Bulgarian people from the foundation of the Bulgarian state to the present day..."


First director

Prof. Strashimir Dimitrov was appointed as the first director of NIM in June 1974.

Shortly after, the appointments of the first employees of the museum began. To ensure the opportunity for their work, the City Library, which at that time was housed at 1 Gurko Street, provided them with a small room.


First exhibition

The first exhibition of the museum - "Prehistoric art in the Bulgarian lands" (May 5, 1975)

It was soon followed by other, no less impressive exhibitions: "Bulgarian Women's Jewelry through the Ages" (October 9, 1975), "1000 Years of Bulgarian Icon" (January 16, 1976), "Thracian Art and Culture" ( April 5, 1976), "100 years since the April Uprising" (May 1976), "Culture and art of the medieval Bulgarian state" (May 17, 1977).


1976, First exhibition traveled abroad

The first exhibition abroad "1000 years of Bulgarian icon", traveled to Paris, Moscow, Leningrad, 1976.

Opening of the exhibition "1000 years of Bulgarian icon" in the SBH building at Shipka Street 6. From left to right: Patriarch Maxim, Pavel Matev, Lyudmila Zhivkova


1975 Project for a new building

Sofproekt's project for a new NIM building in the park around the monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia

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1978, Moskovska St

Bridging of "Moskovska" Street

In 1978, the museum moved to the building of the former Russian Embassy - on Moskovska St.

The National History Museum remained in this building until 1983. Here it has a small exhibition area where it presents a number of exhibitions.


Exhibition, Moskovska St

1978, Exhibition "100 years since the Liberation of Bulgaria"

It has a small exhibition area where it presents a number of exhibitions


1978 – 1979. First excavations of NIM

1978 – 1979. First excavations of the National History Museum

In the area of ​​St. Spas to Belovo Basilica (Golyamo Belovo village), Pazardzhik


1979 Official visit

1979 Official visit of the Crowned Prince of Japan

1979 Official visit of Japanese Crown Prince Akihito (future Emperor of Japan Akihito (1989 – 2019)) and Princess Michiko to the Bells Monument, then a branch of the National History Museum

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1983 at the Court House

Moving to the Courthouse

In 1983, the museum moved to the Courthouse, at 2 Vitosha Blvd.

The main task is the creation of a representative museum exhibition, which was solemnly opened on 02. March. 1984, in honor of the 1300th anniversary of the foundation of the Bulgarian state. It is the work of the entire Bulgarian museum board, prominent scientists and specialists from many fields of science.


General photo of the NIM team.

General photo of the NIM team on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the museum.

First row: Valeri Petkov, Diana Danova, Ivan Venedikov, Borislav Primov, Vera Radkova, Ancho Anchev, Vera Kirova, Leonara Boneva, Plamen Georgiev. Second row: Mile Tsvetkov, Vesela Pisarova, Stoyanka Markova, Boris Cholpanov, Dimitar Krastev, Ivelina Genova, Ivan Draev, Violeta Dimova, Mariana Tsoneva, Georgi Mihailov, Radoslava Tsonkova. As well as Stefan Damyanov, Maya Avramova, Gavrail Lazov, Gergana Vazvozova and others.


May 23, 1983

May 23, 1983, Hall 2. Valchitran treasure. Before the official opening of the exposition of the National History Museum.

Commission for acceptance of the stage of preparation of the exposition (from left to right): G. Yordanov, I. Venedikov, P. Kubadinski, S. Rusev, A. Anchev, P. Georgiev


2 March 1984

Todor Zhivkov opens the exhibition of the National History Museum in the Courthouse


Interior, halls in the Courthouse

Interior, halls in the Courthouse


November 1984, XNUMX

Exhibition "Gold of the Thracians" in Rotterdam



Preparation of an exhibition in Japan


December 1989

Rally against the relocation of the NIM from the Courthouse building


1994 -1996

Archaeological expeditions for mound research. Shushmanets


September 17, 1998

Celebration of Sofia at the National History Museum.

A team of the museum presents vintage outfits from the NIM funds: Kalina Klisurova, Maria Nikolova, Georgi Georgiev, Ekaterina Simeonova, Stoyanka Yanakieva, Lili Milanova, Dimitar Damyanov, Daniel Kirilov and others.

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1998 in Boyana

Moving to "House No. 1, Boyana quarter

On April 15, 1998, a new building was provided to NIM - "House No. 1" in Boyana district

On April 15, 1998, with Decision No. 161 of the Council of Ministers, a new building was granted to NIM - "House No. 1", with a built-up area of ​​3300 square meters, located in the "Boyana" complex. The two years that followed until the museum's final move to its new building put the museum's composition to the test, which it coped with honorably.

November 2000, XNUMX

Unloading the treasures in Boyana


November 2000, XNUMX

Preparation and arrangement of the new exposition in Boyana.

Hall 1 "Prehistory": Martin Ivanov, Stefka Vaseva, Morena Stefanova, Ekaterina Simeonova and others.


June 29, 2000

Opening of the exposition in Boyana

d.Opening of the exposition in Boyana: Stoyan Rajchevsky, Emma Moskova, Ivan Kostov, Ilya Prokopov and others.


November 24, 2005

Opening of the exhibition "The Royal Collection of the National History Museum"


November 2007, XNUMX

Donation - "Rodot Stanchovi" collection


Final of the "Cultural" project (2006 - 2009)

Final of the "Cultural" project (2006 - 2009)


November 2013, XNUMX

Creation of the Children's Museum-Educational Center at the NIM

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