General view of hall 1 - Prehistory

In hall 1 - Prehistory, the development of the Bulgarian lands in the period of prehistory is traced chronologically and thematically - from the Neolithic Age to the end of the Bronze Age.
In its central part, some of the most representative finds from the period are shown, which are part of the grave inventory in the individual eras. The objects found in Varna, Durankulak, Dobrichko, the Tabashka cave in Lovech, Rupite, Petrichko, Izvorovo, Harmanliysko and Chervenobrezhko illustrate the level of society and the idea of ​​power of the ancient people.

During the first presented era, that of the Neolithic Age (end of the XNUMXth - beginning of the XNUMXth millennium BC), the first centers of a productive economy based on agriculture and animal husbandry were formed and developed on the Balkan Peninsula. The conversion of land into a means of livelihood becomes a prerequisite for long-term settlement. Construction of permanent settlements begins. In some cases, their long residence leads to the accumulation of settlement mounds. In some of the settlements, their fortification with ditches and ramparts is used. The new stone blades with a polished surface have significant efficiency. The production of ceramic vessels begins. The early agricultural religious-mythological system arose, which included ideas about the Mother Goddess and the Sky God, about guardian spirits, as well as related cults of natural forces, ancestors, the home and the hearth, etc. Anthropomorphic and zoomorphic plasticity became a common phenomenon. During the Neolithic, today's Bulgarian lands were part of a large cultural zone that included Western Anatolia and a large part of the Balkans.

This is illustrated in showcase 2 in the hall, where ceramic vessels, tools, anthropomorphic plastic, etc. are exhibited. from a site such as the Azmash settlement mound, Starozagorsko, the settlements near Galabnik, Pernishko, Hotnitsa, Velikotarnovsko, Topolnitsa, Blagoevgradsko and Kurilo, Sofia, etc.

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