Valentina Zadgorska, PhD

Head of the “History of Bulgaria during the National Revival, XNUMXth – XNUMXth Centuries” Department

Valentina Petrova Zadgorska graduated from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" in 1993, majoring in "History", specializing in Bulgarian history
Since 1995 until 2007 he was a curator in the "New History" department at the NIM. From 2007 to 2013, he was the chief editor. Since 2013, he has been the head of the "History" department at the NIM, renamed in 2020 to the "New and Recent History (19-20 centuries)" department.
In 2005, he received the educational and scientific degree "Doctor" based on a defended dissertation on the topic "Historical science and education in the politics of the Bulgarian state 1878 - 1912."

He is the author of the monographic studies:
"Historical science and education in the politics of the Bulgarian state 1878-1912" S. 2004, University Publishing House "St. Cl. Ohridski";
"The Circle "Zveno" 1927-1934." S. 2008, University Publishing House "St. Cl. Ohridski";
"Hristo Kalfov. Memories", V. Tarnovo, 2021, "Faber", NIM Edition.

Research interests:
of Dr. V. Zadgorska are focused on Bulgarian history from the end of the 30th century to the XNUMXs of the XNUMXth century. She published articles in scientific publications and jubilee collections: "Historical Review" magazine, "Izvestia NIM", magazine "Minalo" sb. "Konstantin Velichkov and his time" and others.

Some of the published articles are:
"The Last Letter of Stefan Stambolov to Prince Ferdinand"; "The contribution of Ivan D. Shishmanov and Dimitar Marinov to the development of museum work in the country (1903-1907)"; "Bulgarian governments and educational work in Macedonia, Odrin Thrace and Northern Dobrudja (1878-1912)"; "Orders of King Ferdinand in the Collection of Antonio Spada"; "110 years since the proclamation of the Independence of Bulgaria"; "A Glimpse of the History of the Military Union and the People's Agreement from their Creation to June 9, 1923"; "Nineteens in Power (1923 - 1926)"; "The Zveno circle and its ideology"; "The French press about the May 19 coup in 1934" and others.

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