BRCC Statute

Towards the end of the 60s, after the dissolution of the Second Bulgarian Legion and the defeat of the Hadji-Dimitrov squad, a new group of revolutionary activists formed among the Bulgarian emigration in Bucharest, the main figure of which was Lyuben Karavelov. In the search for new ways and methods to win Bulgarian freedom, they united around the idea of ​​creating a single organization that would prepare the Bulgarians inside the country for a national revolution. This led to the founding of the Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee (BRCC) with chairman Lyuben Karavelov. With this, a new page has been opened in the history of the Bulgarian national liberation movement, related to the adoption of new principles and methods of struggle against the Ottoman power. 

Karavelov published his ideological and political views in the pamphlet "Bulgarian Voice" printed in Bucharest, where he categorically stated that the armed revolution is the only way to the freedom of the fatherland and it must become "from the inside, not the outside". Vasil Levski started building a network of committees and a revolutionary center in the Bulgarian lands. 

In April-May 1872, at a general meeting of the BRCC, the statute of the organization was also adopted, printed in Bucharest as a separate body of books, which you can see in the exposition of the NIM. As you will probably notice, the front cover notes that the statute was printed in Geneva in 1870. The "mistake" is actually quite deliberate and intended to mislead the Ottoman authorities.

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