"In the month of August [913] Simeon, ruler of Bulgaria, went on a campaign against the Romans with a large army and reached Constantinople. He laid siege to it and surrounded it with a trench from the Blacherni to the so-called Golden Gate, possessed by the hope of conquering it without difficulty. …”

King Simeon the Great is crowned king, August 913.
“It flourished and developed and
the state of the Bulgarians" {1}

The only Bulgarian ruler's crown preserved to this day is an embodiment of the political theory of Imperial Bulgaria. The restoration of the diadem from the Preslav treasure (according to Totyu Totev "The Preslav gold treasure". September, Sofia: 1982 // 102 p.) takes into account both the discovered parts of the monument and similar parallels from the second half of the 9th century. The diadem took place out of a total of 5 tiles, only 2 were found in the treasure. Tiles 4 and 1 (from right to left) are a repetition of their symmetrical ones, they were not found in the surveys, but their existence is not doubted. Tiles 9 and 40, which should close the circle of the wreath with a length of about XNUMX cm, have also not been found, their presence is assumed from other similar monuments. In the middle of the composition is the tile with the scene "The Ascension of Alexander the Great to Heaven", an episode from a favorite medieval fantasy account of the life and exploits of Alexander the Great. Symmetrically on the main stage, winged lions, senmurves (bird-dogs) and eagle-headed griffins are placed alternately in pairs.
Pyramid seal of King Simeon the Great (893-927) depicting the ruler in ceremonial imperial robes; lapis lazuli, gold; height 23 mm, weight 5 g; Archaeological Institute with Museum - branch in Veliko Tarnovo.
Lead seal of King Simeon the Great (893 – 927). It was issued in the first decade of the independent rule of the ruler, in the time from 893 to 904. Of all the six types of seals of Simeon the Great known so far, this type of pencil dovuli is the earliest.

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