The main highlight of the exhibition are the series of cards presenting in chronological order the history of the months of the war. From the mobilization in September 1912, the victories at Lozengrad and Lüleburgas-Bunarhisar, the heavy fighting at Chataldzha and the difficult daily life of the Bulgarian soldier, to the siege and capture of the considered impregnable Edirne fortress, the postcards show a vivid and credible picture of the military actions.

The Balkan War is a memorable event in our New History, in which the Bulgarian officer and soldier showed high fighting spirit, patriotism and devotion to the ideals bequeathed by the Renaissance era for national liberation and unification of all Bulgarians. In 1912, only 34 years after the Liberation and 4 years after its proclamation as a kingdom, Bulgaria was ready to realize with military means the main foreign policy goal of all native patriots, politicians and public figures. Together with its allies from the Balkans - Serbia, Greece and Montenegro, the Bulgarian army is facing the enormous human potential of the Ottoman Empire, which still rules territories on three continents. And within less than a year - from October 1912 to May 1913, after a series of victories on the battlefields of Thrace, the Rhodopes and Macedonia, the goal was achieved. All lands west of the Medea-Enos line are exempt

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