The collection contains over 4000 cultural assets. Its wealth and diversity is determined by the different types and functional purpose of objects produced in our country and abroad in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries. They are connected with the princely and royal houses, with historical figures, with famous Bulgarian families and important historical events.

The collection contains beautiful and exquisite tableware and utensils from the palace and salon - the carriages of the royal train, which entered the NIM in the 80s. They were made of porcelain, silver and glass in renowned ateliers in Europe and were used for time of Prince Ferdinand I (tsar from 1908) and Tsar Boris III. Among them is a set presented to Queen Joanna by her father - the Italian King Victor Emmanuel III.

An important part of the collection is occupied by items related to Bulgarian politicians, scientists, cultural and military figures, among which are personal belongings of Dragan Tsankov, Petko Karavelov, Stefan Stambolov, Konstantin Stoilov, Kimon Georgiev, Vasil Zlatarski, Gavril Katsarov, Traicho Kostov, Elisaveta Bagryana, gen. Nikifor Nikiforov, gen. Vladimir Vazov and others.

Of interest are the household items that belonged to the Ekaterina and Dimitar Kudoglu family and the Stanchovi family.

The collection includes cultural values ​​used in iconic Bulgarian films from the second half of the XNUMXth century, donated to the museum by New Boyana Film.

Gifts and pens of President Georgi Parvanov and Foreign Minister Solomon Passy, ​​with which the protocols for the entry of the Republic of Bulgaria into NATO (2003) and the Treaty for its accession to the European Union in 2005, were signed.
The collection has been completed since 1975.

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