Seal and globe of Neophyte of Rila

The personal seal of Neophyte of Rila (real name Nikola Poppetrov Benin, c. 1793 – 1881) with his initials, an image of a bird with a cross above and the inscription "Neophyte Hieromonk of Rila" was used during his spiritual and literary activity in the Rila Monastery . The exhibit is a precise museum reproduction made from a print.

Neophyte Rilski embodies the image of the Bulgarian revivalist - clergyman, teacher and creator. He is a leading figure in the new Bulgarian education and pedagogy, deservedly called by Konstantin Irechek "patriarch of Bulgarian teachers and writers". He was the first to introduce into the new Bulgarian school the Bell-Lancaster teaching method, which is current throughout Europe, also known as the "mutual teaching method", which allows 100 students to be literate at the same time by one teacher.

Neofit Rilski is the author of the first textbooks, aids and mutual learning tables for the first Bulgarian mutual school, opened in Gabrovo in 1835 by Vasil Aprilov, where Neofit was invited as the first teacher. He also made the first successful new Bulgarian translation of the New Testament, which is among the main texts taught in the Bulgarian revival school.

Neophyte Rilski also made the first Bulgarian globe around 1836 as a teaching aid for his teaching at the Gabrovo school, and then in Koprivshtitsa and in the Rila monastery. Neophyte's globe is handmade from cardboard on a wooden structure with an approximate scale of 1:54. The globe in the NIM exposition is an exact copy of the original, which is kept in the museum of the Rila Monastery.

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