Patriarch Joakim I of Tarnov, whose death marks exactly 778 years today, remains in Bulgarian history not only as an active participant in the restoration of the Bulgarian Patriarchate with its seat in Tsarevgrad Tarnov in 1235, but also as a political figure, whom, as in all evidently, we owe the preservation of relative political stability in Bulgaria after the death of Tsar Ivan Asen II (1218-1241).

778 years since the death of the Bulgarian Patriarch Joachim I (1235-1246), January 18, 1246.
First Patriarch of the "Great Patriarchate of Tsarevgrad Tarnov"

Tombstone with the inscription "†Asen tsar", discovered at the foot of the medieval fortress near Kilifarevo, Velikoturnovo; green tuff; the last years of the 12th century - the first half of the 13th century; National history museum.

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