In the "Numismatics" hall, coins minted and circulated during different historical eras are exhibited. They provide an opportunity to illustrate some of the main characteristics of the socio-political formations that existed in the past on today's Bulgarian lands. It is about the level of commodity-monetary relations, the degree of development of internal and external trade contacts, the type of dominant political institutions and last but not least – the characteristic features of fine art during the respective era.

Both selected single specimens and coin hoards of ancient, medieval and late medieval coins are presented. They clearly show the great variety of ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Bulgarian medieval, Ottoman and European coins that circulated in today's Bulgarian lands for nearly two and a half millennia, from the XNUMXth century BC. to the XNUMXth century AD. These rich numismatic materials, in their capacity as full-fledged historical sources, serve as a basis for numerous and diverse scientific studies in the fields of history, archaeology, numismatics, etc.

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