associate professor Nikolay Kochankov

Doctor of historical sciences, associate professor

Scientific degree and position held:
Doctor of historical sciences, associate professor

Scientific interests:
Foreign political and diplomatic relations of Bulgaria on the eve and during the Second World War, minority and national-territorial problems in Southeast Europe, Bulgarian-Croatian relations, Bulgarian-Slovak relations, supporting documentation

Participant in scientific projects:
Religion, state and society among Bulgarians and Croats over centuries
Bulgarian-Croats in Southeastern Europe, XNUMXth-XNUMXst centuries
The Balkans and Europe – transformation and integration processes, XNUMXth-XNUMXst centuries
The contribution of the intellectual and spiritual elites in Bulgaria and Croatia to linguistic and cultural diversity in Europe

Working on research problems:
Bulgarian-Serbian (Yugoslav) relations, 1938-1941.
Survey of the documentary fund (originals, facsimiles and microfilms) of Bulgarian and foreign origin in the “Bulgaria and the Slavic World National Museum” collection of the National Museum of History (NMH)

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