La Belle Rose. The mystical power of the little flower

The exhibition "La Belle Rose. The mystical power of the small flower" is the result of the collaboration between the National History Museum, the Rose Museum and the Iskra Historical Museum in Kazanlak. The exhibition is dedicated to rose production in Bulgaria and traces the path of Bulgarian rose oil from its first drops to the conquest of world markets in the XNUMXth century.

An interesting highlight of the exhibition is a reconstruction of the wooden stand of one of the pioneers in rose production - Kuncho Shipkov from Kazanlak, with which he presented his products at the exhibition in Chicago in 1893 - the exhibition that Aleko Konstantinov wrote about.

Visitors have the opportunity to touch real rose oil and learn about the connection between the distillation of rose oil and the brewing of brandy. They will see with their own eyes a two-hundred-year-old vessel for storing rose oil, the contents of which would be worth 700 euros these days.

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