2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the restoration of the archaeological excavations of Kaliakra - the capital of the Dobruja despotism under
the scientific guidance of Assoc. Dr. Bonni Petrunova

The director of the National History Museum
Prof. Dr. Bonni Petrunova was awarded the title "Honorary Citizen of the Municipality of Kavarna"

The director of the National History Museum, Prof. Dr. Bonni Petrunova, was awarded the title of "Honorary Citizen of the Municipality of Kavarna" after a vote held at a meeting of the Municipal Council in Kavarna.

This high distinction is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the restoration of the archaeological excavations of Kaliakra - the capital of the Dobruja despotism and in connection with its significant contribution in the field of culture, to the preservation of the Bulgarian spirit and historical heritage of the Kavarna region. Surveys resumed in 2004 after a long hiatus since the 70s. The Kaliakra fortress has an area of ​​150 decares - it is a national natural and archaeological reserve of great importance for our overall history.

Prof. Petrunova's research activity on the territory of the Kavarna Cape Kaliakra municipality began in 1989 as a member of the team for archaeological research at Cape Chirakman, and gradually her activity grew as the scientific leader of the archaeological research of the Kaliakra fortress, where she continues to work to this day . As a result of the twenty-year research (2004 – 2023) of the Kaliakra fortress under the leadership of Prof. Petrunova, 10 sectors of the suburbs and the inner city were investigated, 2041 movable and 404 immovable monuments were discovered.

Ten reports dedicated to Kaliakra and the discoveries there were given, the most prestigious being at national archaeological conferences in different cities of Bulgaria. In a lecture dedicated to the rich Bulgarian cultural heritage, in June 2023, Prof. Petrunova presented to a Bulgarian and international audience at the British Museum in London the scientific achievements of the last twenty years, focused on researching the lives of the people who lived in the past "The Beautiful nose'.

The emblematic discoveries of Cape Kaliakra under the leadership of Assoc. Dr. Bonni Petrunova contributed to increasing the popularity of Kavarna: The killer ring from Kaliakra, won first place in the "Wonders of Bulgaria" campaign, category "Discoveries" for 2014; the magnificent Jade Buckle, discovered in 2017; the unique Tatar booty discovered in 2018 – a rich treasure of gold and silver objects placed in a pot under the floor of a Tatar house; George's Ring - a gorgeous gold ring that raised the curtain a little more on the history of one of the Bulgarian capitals - Kaliakra, discovered in the royal necropolis in the city of the despot Dobrotitsa in 2019.

Prof. Petrunova's contribution to the preservation and popularization of the historical heritage on the territory of Kavarna Municipality is significant. Assoc. Dr. Bonni Petrunova is the author of books dedicated to Kaliakra - "Treasures of Kaliakra", "Relics of Kaliakra", "Treasure from the Fortress of Kaliakra, "Tatar Booty", "Georgi - an unknown aristocrat from Kaliakra" in co-authorship with Ivan Chokoev and Rosen Peevski.

Prof. Petrunova is an established archaeologist. From 1988 to the present, he participated in archaeological expeditions, mostly as a leader. He is the leader of more than 60 archaeological expeditions - field surveys and excavations, as well as various projects related to archaeological surveys, tourism, promotion and preservation of the Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage, financed and implemented with the support of Bulgarian and foreign institutions and organizations. such as the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Regional Development, the Max van Bershem Foundation, Vienna, various Bulgarian municipalities (Ivaylovgrad, Peshtera, Kavarna, Tsarevo, Blagoevgrad, Stolichna Municipality, etc.). Participant in over 100 scientific conferences, symposia and seminars.

The scope of her research includes Bulgarian and Byzantine fortresses from the end of Late Antiquity, the Bulgarian Middle Ages and the Ottoman period in the Balkans.

Assoc. Dr. Bonni Petrunova was deputy minister in the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria in the period 2014-2017.

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