Prof. Dr. Ivan Hristov Hristov

chairman of the Scientific Group

Habilitated with scientometric indicators at NACID.
Chairman of the Scientific Group at NIM.
Deputy Director of Scientific Activities.
Specialist in ancient history and archaeology, underwater archaeology.

Scientific interests:
Residences of the Odrisian rulers from the XNUMX-th century BC; Survey of Roman Wayside Stations and Facilities; exploration of coastal forts and harbor areas along the West Pontic coast; Late Hellenistic culture.

Author of 35 books and 100 scientific articles. Editor-in-chief of “Izvestiya na Natsionalniya istoricheski muzey” (“Proceedings of the National Museum of History”). Member of the editorial board of “Izvestiya na Burgaskiya muzey” (“Proceedings of the Regional Historical Museum –Burgas”). Member of the Field Surveys Council at the National Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (FSC at NAIM – BAS).

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