Prof. Dean Ivan Gatsov

corresponding member of the German Archaeological Institute, chief curator of the National Historical Museum

Participation in international projects:
- "Aşağı Pınar Project" - a project of Istanbul University, Republic of Turkey and German Archaeological Institute, Department of Eurasian Studies - Berlin for the study of Eastern Thrace - 7-5 thousand BC.
- "Barcın Höyük Excavations Project" a project of the Dutch Historical Institute in Istanbul and Koç University - to study the processes of neolithization in the Marmara Sea region, Republic of Turkey.
– “Pietrele Project”, Romania: Project of the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (DAI), Berlin, Germany. Study of the Chalcolithic period in the area of ​​the Lower Danube - 6-5 thousand AD.

Member of the Commission for monitoring, evaluation and analysis of the activities of the "Scientific Research" Fund, responsible for all projects in the field of "Humanities".

Scientific interests:
- prehistoric stone technologies in the Sea of ​​Marmara region - 7-3 thousand BC.
– Chalcolithic stone ensembles along the Lower Danube
– Neolithic stone ensembles from the South Caucasus, Georgia, 7-6 thousand BC.

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