Diploma honoring Prof. Bogdan Filov with the title of "doctor honoris causa" of the University of Padua, Italy, 1942. Prof. Bogdan Filov is a distinguished Bulgarian archaeologist and politician.

Diploma of Prof. Bogdan Filov

Diploma awarding Prof. Bogdan Filov with the title of "doctor honoris causa" of the University of Padua, Italy, 1942.

Prof. Bogdan Filov is a prominent Bulgarian archaeologist and politician. His political career was marked by a lot of negativity because of the inclusion of Bulgaria in the Second World War on the side of Nazi Germany. As Prime Minister /1940-1943/ he joined the country to the Tripartite Pact. After the death of Tsar Boris the Third, he was one of the three regents of the minor Tsar Simeon the Second. However, his scientific activity is of undeniable positive significance for the development of Bulgarian archaeological science.

Filov was born in 1883 in Stara Zagora. He finished his higher education in Germany and then made a fast career in Bulgaria - director of the National Museum in Sofia, founder and first director of the Bulgarian Archaeological Institute, associate and full member of the BAS, professor of archeology and history of art at Sofia University and his rector, chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences/from 1937 to 1944/.

It marks the beginning of methodical archaeological excavations in Bulgaria. Among his great achievements are the study and publication of the Thracian mound necropolis near the village of Duvanlii near Plovdiv, the dome tombs near Mezek near Svilengrad, the studies of the Sophia churches "St. Sofia", "St. George" and the Boyan church and others.

For his contributions to archaeology, documented in numerous publications and reports to international scientific forums, B. Filov was elected an honorary, actual and corresponding member of numerous institutes, academies, etc., as well as an honorary doctorate of several universities. He is a full member, for example, of the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin/1924/, a corresponding member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences in Munich/1929/, of the Numismatic Society in Vienna, doctor honoris causa of the universities of Athens, Berlin, Budapest, Padua and many others .

Prof. Filov was sentenced to death by the so-called People's Court, established after September 9, 1944 and executed on the night of February 1-2, 1945. The sentence was overturned by a decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Bulgaria dated June 26, 1996 .

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