Damascenes of Daskal Todor Pirdopski

Damascene literature is an important phenomenon in the spiritual life of Bulgarians in the decades of transition from medieval to modern Bulgarian literature. The first Damascenes are a translation of a collection of lives and teachings from the middle of the 16th century by the Greek cleric Damascene Studite. In the eighteenth century, Damascenery experienced its heyday, translations of other works were already included in the texts, and although the collections contained religious and moral teachings, they acquired an important distinction from medieval literature – they were written not in Church Slavonic, but in the common language, we speak then. language. This allows them, over time, to get out of the church practice and become a popular folk reading.

Among the most famous damasceners are Joseph Bradati, Nikifor Rilski, Todor Vrachanski, Joseph Hilendarski, Puncho Mokreshki and others. One of the latest authors of Damascene literature was Daskal Todor Pirdopski, born in Teteven, but lived and taught in Pirdop during almost the entire first half of the 19th century. He is the author of more than thirty handwritten books, illustrated by him personally, as well as a copy of "Slavic Bulgarian History". 

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