The dawn of Bulgarian statehood was in the area of ​​the Northern Black Sea steppes, when in 632 Khan Kubrat (632 – 665) rejected his dependence on the Western Turkic Khaganate and founded Great Bulgaria. The first highlight of the exhibition are 9 copies of the treasure from the village of Malaya Pereshchepina, identified as inventory from the grave of the first Bulgarian ruler.

The pressure of the Khazars in the 70s of the 681th century led to the proto-Bulgarian diaspora, part of which controlled the Byzantine provinces of Lesser Scythia and Lower Mysia and created the Bulgarian Khanate of the Lower Danube (864 – XNUMX). The Slavic tribes that settled here earlier retain relative independence, and the bearer of the state-making tradition is the proto-Bulgarian tribal aristocracy, with which the elitist culture of the pagan period is also connected. Above all, these are the representative wooden and later stone palace and temple buildings in the capital Pliska, the luxurious dishes used at the khan's table for the so-called "fed people of the ruler", representative belt sets and ornaments, decorated in the fashionable "Wrap-Velino" or "sticks-twigs" style for the era, medallions with the image of the ruler Khan Omurtag, probably given for merit to noble representatives of the old Bulgarian society. The folk culture of the ordinary population, who lived in dwellings dug into the ground in fortified or unfortified settlements, is represented by artifacts used in everyday life: kitchen vessels of sandy clay, made by hand or on a slow wheel, tableware - jugs, pans, amphoric pitchers, made from purified gray, yellow or red, after firing, clay, knives, spindle vertebrae, hearths, needlepoints with needles preserved in them, sharpeners. Simple clothing accessories are also presented - glass or clay beads, earrings, medallions and amulets, found during the exploration of the necropolises near Balchik, the villages of Topola, Dobrichko and the villages of Dibich, Shumensko, "Penkovka" type vessels from Yakimovo and Kozloduy.

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