The first hours of May 18, 1876. From Butan, the detachment headed for the large Bulgarian village of Borovan, repelling the attacks of Circassian groups that attacked them suddenly.

The Way of the Boteva Cheta: Veslets

May 19, 1876

On its way from Milin Kamak to Veslets, the detachment made another costly sacrifice - in the vicinity of the village of Mramoren, David Todorov Savov, one of Botev's close advisers and a member of the detachment's headquarters, was bitten by enemy fire. In the area of ​​Veslets near Vratsa, the Chetniks managed to strengthen their forces, entertained by shepherds. Nikola Vojnovski conducts military training to raise morale. Hristo Botev and the secretary Georgi Apostolov send a letter to Angel Yotsov in Vratsa, in an attempt to contact the Vratsa Committee.

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