A rich historical spectacle about palace life in Medieval Bulgaria. Tsar John Assen, who brilliantly ruled the Second Bulgarian Kingdom from 1218 to 1241, sent his wife to a monastery to marry a Hungarian princess.

BORIS I (1984)

Screenplay: Angel Wagenstein
Director: Borislav Sharaliev
Cinematographer: Venets Dimitrov
Music: Veselin Nikolov
Set designer: Maria Ivanova
Costume designer: Nikolay Nikolov
Photographer: T. Kostov

Starring: Stefan Danailov, Boris Lukanov, Aneta Petrovska, Antoniy Genov, Ventsislav Kisev, Kosta Tsonev, Plamen Donchev, Petar Petrov, Ivan Ivanov, Yanina Kasheva, Irinei Konstantinov, Kiril Variyski, Stoyan Stoev, Valcho Kamarashev and others.

Prince Boris I - the ruler who joined the Bulgarians to the Christian world and paved the way for the sacred writings

Series One - The Conversion
The second half of the 864th century. The young khan of the Bulgarians, Boris, united the two tribes - Bulgarians and Slavs - into a single state. He understands that what will strengthen his state is religion. Thus begins the significant event - the Baptism. In XNUMX, Bulgaria became the first Slavic country to convert to Christianity.

Second series - A word for letters
Prince Boris I reached the most important spiritual insight - the state needs a common language and script. He accepted the students of Cyril and Methodius, creating the Ohrid and Preslav literary schools. What took centuries for other peoples, happened for the Bulgarians only about 20 years after their conversion - the Slavic script was introduced.

The Grand Prize "Golden Rose" from the Bulgarian Feature Film Festival - Varna (1984);
Nikolay Ivanov Costume Award from the Union of Bulgarian Artists (1984);
Borislav Sharaliev's Directing Award, Angel Wagenstein's Screenplay Award, Venets Dimitrov's Cinematography Award, and Maria Ivanova's Scenography Award from the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers (1985)

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