140 years ago, from February 10 to April 16, 1879, the Constituent National Assembly, convened under the terms of the Berlin Peace Treaty, met in the old capital of Tarnovo. Its purpose is to draft the future basic law of the newly liberated Principality of Bulgaria. A number of exhibits in the National History Museum are dedicated to this important event in Bulgarian history.

The constituent assembly was solemnly opened on February 10, 1879 by the Imperial Russian Commissioner in the country Prince Al. Dondukov-Korsakov in the most representative building of Tarnovo – the former Turkish inn, built in 1872 by the famous craftsman Kolyo Ficheto. The former Bulgarian Exarch and Metropolitan of Vidin Antim I was elected as chairman, and Petko Karavelov and Todor Ikonomov as vice-chairmen.

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