A rare document the size of a bulky book is kept in the National History Museum. Its title is Battle Days. Memories of the war 1915-1918. In marches and battles with the 1st Battery of the 1st Howitzer Regiment”.

The author is Reserve Major Boyan Vassilev. It describes from the first day to the last the journey and daily life of the soldiers and officers of the combat unit (the first battles were in October 1915, and the unit was disbanded on October 7, 1918). The book, hand-made by B. Vasilev, contains 480 pages - manuscript and typescript, interspersed with memories, testimonies, newspaper clippings, own drawings, photographs, diagrams and illustrations drawn by the author. There are 110 photos, 11 are the original drawings with different plots, 37 – maps and diagrams of positions and combat operations drawn by him.

Boyan Vasilev was born in Lovech in 1888. He graduated from the Military School in Sofia. He participated in the Balkan Wars /1912-1913/ as a lieutenant in the 10th Artillery Regiment. During World War I, he was a battery commander - captain, in the 1st Howitzer Regiment, who participated in battles in Macedonia, Dobrudja and Romania. In 1919 he was promoted to the rank of major. He was dismissed in 1920 due to layoffs in the Bulgarian army, according to the requirements of the Neue Peace Treaty /1919/. In the meantime, he wrote his work, which was completed in 1937. During the period 1941-1943, he held a number of military posts. It is not known in what year and where he died.

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