In 2023, 130 years have passed since the creation of the Internal Macedonian-Odrina Revolutionary Organization and 120 years since the outbreak of the Ilinden-Preobrazhensky Uprising.

After the unjust decisions of the Berlin Congress of 1878, the Bulgarians failed to realize their ideal of uniting all Bulgarian lands into one state. The situation is particularly dire in Macedonia and Odrin Thrace, which remain under the direct rule of the Ottoman Empire. The struggle for their autonomy and the implementation of Article 23 of the Treaty of Berlin began in the fall of 1878. This struggle continued for years in the form of committees and societies created by the Bulgarian intelligentsia in the territories under Ottoman rule, in the Principality of Bulgaria, and in Eastern Rumelia. The leadership of these movements was created by six Bulgarians: Hristo Tatarchev, Damian Gruev, Petar Poparsov, Hristo Batandjiev, Ivan Hadjinikolov and Anton Dimitrov on October 23, 1893 in Thessaloniki, the Internal Macedonian-Odrina Revolutionary Organization. Initially with other names - Macedonian Revolutionary Organization, Bulgarian Macedonian-Odrina Revolutionary Committees, Secret Macedonian-Odrina Revolutionary Organization, VMORO gradually strengthened, massed and at the beginning of the XNUMXth century was already strong enough to try to achieve its goals by force of the weapon.

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