On the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the birth of the great Bulgarian poet Elisaveta Bagryana (1893-1991), the National History Museum (NIM) presents exhibits related to her name in a virtual exhibition. The "Bagryana" collection of the NIM was mainly formed in 1997, when the son of the author of "The Eternal and the Holy" Lubomir Shapkarev made a large donation to the museum. The proceeds are mainly of a documentary nature - manuscripts, documents, books, congratulatory addresses, business cards, postcards and photographs, as well as awards and, not a large number of personal belongings of the poetess. Part of it is occupied by materials related to her family, as well as the family of her first husband - Ivan Shapkarev. The donation was preceded in 1993 by a large and representative exhibition at the Museum "Bulgaria and the Slavic World" (former National Museum of the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship) - a branch of the museum, which handed over to the NIM the cultural values ​​of the poetess stored there.

Elisaveta Belcheva, better known by her creative pseudonym Bagryana, was born 130 years ago on April 29 (April 16 in the old style) 1893 in Sofia, in the family of Lubomir and Maria Belchevi. Because of her father's clerical work, the family moved to live in different cities - Sofia, Tarnovo and Sliven. The several-month stay in the city of the 100 voivodes left an indelible impression on the 15-year-old Lisa (as her relatives call her), so much so that she later adopted Sliven as her hometown. She does not lose contact with him, visits him many times, participates in literary readings there and in celebrating her anniversaries.

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