Author: Ivan Hristov. The secrets of Chengene Skele Bay in the Black Sea, Bulgaria

The secrets of Chengene Skele Bay in the Black Sea

This book is a kind of continuation of my publications related to the archaeological researches of the West Coast of the Black Sea in the last 10 years. In this case, the emphasis falls on the coastal territory locked between the Metoha Peninsula (Cape Chukalyata) and the Foros Peninsula (Cape Foros) next to the Burgas Bay. The choice of this territory is not random - it is a kind of white spot on the archaeological map of the Burgas region. Here I mean that the archaeological research in the coastal area on the border between the municipality of Sozopol and the municipality of Burgas is limited to the east to the Atia peninsula (Hristov 2018a, 31 – 48) and to the west to the coastal sites of the Foros Bay (Nikolov 2015, 119 – 130) .

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