"Rescue of two early Christian tombs (end of the XNUMXth-beginning of the XNUMXth century) from the center of Sofia"

Purpose: conservation, strengthening and restoration of two very rare early Christian brick-built tombs (end of IV-beginning of V c.) from the western necropolis of ancient Serdika in the center of Sofia, their protection from further harmful environmental influence by roof construction and their socialization in the courtyard of the National History Museum. The tombs were excavated by archaeologists during construction activities in the area of ​​Solni Pazar, Sofia, dismantled and transported to the yard of the National History Museum.

Duration: November 2008-October 2009

Financed by: The US Department of State-Ambassador Fund for Cultural Preservation, /AFCR/, as the worldwide winner in the relevant section.

Results: Strengthening, conservation and restoration of the tombs and covering them with a protective structure to protect them from harmful influences. The tombs can be seen in the courtyard of the museum.

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