Increasing the level of access and service for people with disabilities in the National History Museum

Project objective: To improve and facilitate the access of people with specific needs to the National History Museum and its exhibition halls and to introduce modern European practices in their service by the staff of the National History Museum.

Duration: November 2007, XNUMX

Financing: Agency for people with disabilities

Results: Ensuring equal access to the national cultural and historical heritage in the National History Museum for people with specific needs from the country and abroad, as well as elderly people who encounter difficulties with access to the National History Museum. Facilities built to facilitate access: ramps to the entrance doors and to the two elevators in the left wing of the museum; placed tactile markings on the museum's automatic entrance-exit doors; built toilets for people with physical disabilities, complying with accessibility standards. Training of the staff of the National History Museum to work with visitors with specific needs. Developed strategy to improve access to the services and expositions of the National History Museum.

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