Scientific group of the National History Museum

The National Historical Museum is a cultural and scientific organization that participates in the implementation of the state policy on the preservation of cultural values ​​and museum work throughout the country. The main activity of the museum is the preservation and presentation of movable and immovable cultural values. In order to carry out this activity, the museum carries out scientific research, organizes and conducts scientific events (conferences, workshops and discussions), publishes scientific, popular science and advertising materials, publishes the results of the identification of cultural values ​​- owned by individuals or legal entities, after receiving written consent of their owners, participates in field archaeological surveys on the territory of the country.

 A scientific group of specialists with scientific degrees or holding an academic position has been created for the museum. The members of the scientific group, according to their expertise, carry out scientific processing of the museum fund, participate with reports in scientific forums, prepare and publish scientific works, study good practices in the field of museum work, engage in exhibition, collection and scientific popularization activities.

Members of the scientific group

  • Prof. Dr. Bonni Petrunova
  • Prof. Dr. Ivan Hristov, Chairman of the Scientific Group
  • Prof. Dean Ivan Gatsov
  • Prof. Dr. Vladimir Penchev
  • Prof. Dr. Nikolay Markov, Secretary of the Scientific Group
  • Associate Dean Nikolay Kochankov
  • Associate Professor Dr. Iliyan Boyanov
  • Ch. Assistant Professor Mariela Inkova, PhD
  • Ch. assistant Dr. Petranka Nedelcheva
  • Dr. Valentina Zadgorska
  • Dr. Ralitsa Katsova
  • Dr. Lyubava Georgieva
  • Dr. Mikhail Simov
  • Dr. Emilia Tsenova
  • Dr. Margarita Popova
  • Dr. Kalina Yordanova
  • Dr. Radostina Tsenkova
  • Dr. Veselin Ivanova
  • Dr. Nikola Lambev

PhD students

Pavlina Devlova

Dr. Rumyana Georgieva

Dissertation topic:
"Emergence and development of urban life in Thrace - mid-XNUMXnd millennium BC. - IV century BC."

Panayot Antonov

Prof. Stanislav Stanilov

Dissertation topic:
"Amulets in medieval Bulgaria (VII - XI century), SSA BAS"

Alexander Vatov

Prof. Dr. Hr. Etropolski, NHA

Dissertation topic:
"Photographic collection of NIM from the end of the XNUMXth century and the beginning. XX century. Processes, preservation and characteristic features'

Violin Kiryakova

Associate Professor Dr. Iliyan Boyanov

Dissertation topic:
"Typology and Semantics of Ancient and Late Antique Amulets from the Balkan Provinces of the Roman Empire"

Iva Stoyanova

Assoc. Dr. Desislava Lilova, SU

Dissertation topic:
"The National Historical Narrative of the Bulgarian Revival: Representations in NIM"

Dimitar Vassilev

Assoc. Dr. Stanka Yaneva

Dissertation topic:
"Folk crafts in modern times, functions, presentation, perspectives"

Ivaylo Kanev

Prof. Dr. Konstantin Konstntinov, "Bishop Konstantin Preslavski" School

Dissertation topic:
"Late antique and medieval fortress in the town of "Balak Dere" municipality. Ivaylovgrad"

Elena Endarova

Prof. Dr. Bonni Petrunova

Dissertation topic:
"Political and economic contacts of the Dobruja despotism in the second half of the XNUMXth century. According to archaeological data"

Ekaterina Stamboliyska

Prof. Ivan Gatsov, Ph.D.

Dissertation topic:
"Development of the social and economic relations of the Chalcolithic population based on the studies of the necropolises of the Hamandzhia culture and the Varna culture"

Mina Megala

Prof. Dr. Bonni Petrunova

Dissertation topic:
"Early Christian monastic communities in the Eastern Balkans and Egypt. Study of Analogous and Synchronous Phenomena'

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