International project "Cultrural" - Creation of a common cultural space for Europeans

Project objective: creating a common cultural heritage for European rural municipalities. Cultural explores rural heritage by connecting the past with the present and offers solutions important for modern life and the sustainable development of rural areas.

Project manager: Swedish Federation for Local Heritage Project partners: experts from museums, associations, cultural institutions, universities and non-governmental organizations from the public and local sectors in Sweden, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria and France.

Duration: October 2006 - October 2009

Co-financed by the European Commission within the framework of the "Culture 2000" program

Results: Organized 9 thematic expositions on rural heritage in the countries participating in the project on three separate topics:
1. The cultural landscape of rural areas: interaction between rural municipalities and the public environment;
2. Ideas, innovations and technologies: the cultural village perspective and global pressures;
3. Socio-cultural construction of village identity: from material to symbols; Creation of a European Rural Heritage Network


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