The photographs are a valuable source of information about the historical past of the Bulgarians from the 19th century, through them the history is accurately and objectively illustrated. The photos are also a source of information about the development of Bulgarian photography. In museum practice, photographs are used in research, exhibition and publishing activities, in the organization of exhibitions and museum expositions, in the creation of films, in the coverage of anniversaries of important historical events.

The "Photographs from the Revival" collection from the National Museum of History fund contains over 300 inventory numbers. It stores original or photo-reproduced portraits and photos of a documentary nature. Chronological boundaries include photographs from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.

The main principle in the formation of the collection is the search, storage and exhibition of photographs documenting leading Bulgarian Revival figures, their families and associates and foreign figures with an important role in the historical destiny of Bulgarians from the 19th century. Parallel to the main thematic line, the collection is complemented by documentary evidence - photos, photo reproductions and postcards with images of significant historical places and memorable events related to the Bulgarian Revival.

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