The essence of collection No. 2 - "Bronze Age" are archaeological objects that date back to the Bronze Age - from the middle of the XNUMXth millennium BC. until the end of the XNUMXnd millennium BC.

The findings are made of ceramics, stone, bronze, copper or copper alloys, glass, etc. They have different shapes, sizes and weights as well as functions.

A significant part of them originate from archaeologically studied sites - the settlements near Mihalich, Svilengradsko, Sozopol, the fortress Constantia, Simeonovgradsko, Lepitsa, Plevensko, the sanctuaries near Dositeevo, Harmaliysko and Belantash, Asenovgradsko, the ritual structures and necropolis near Dabene, Karlovsko, the grave find from Haskovsko etc., and the rest are of unknown whereabouts.

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