Urban Wear and Uniforms Collection

Collection "Urban Clothing and Uniforms" The collection was created in 1976 and contains about 1400 museum objects. The "uniforms" section includes military, service and school uniforms,…

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"Renaissance Photographs" Collection

Collection "Photos from the Revival" The photos are a valuable source of information about the historical past of the Bulgarians from the 19th century, they accurately and objectively illustrate history....

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Collection "Renaissance Documents"

Collection "Documents from the Renaissance" The National History Museum owns a collection "Documents from the Renaissance", which numbers more than 290 museum items, thematically related to the era of the Bulgarian Renaissance....

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Collection Bulgaria (XV – XVII century)

Collection Bulgaria (XNUMXth – XNUMXth century) The collection presents historical events and processes from the early centuries of the Ottoman rule (XNUMXth – XNUMXth century). The monuments included in it…

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"Anchors and Poles" Collection

"Anchors and Poles" Collection The first monuments related to ancient shipping along the Western Black Sea coast entered the collection of the National History Museum in 1978, and since 1987...

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Collection "Sfragistics" (stamps)

"Sfragistics" collection (stamps) The "Sfragistics" collection of the National History Museum consists of over 800 items. These are mostly seals chronologically covering the period from the XVII to…

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