Flags Collection

Collection "Flags" Collection "Flags" was created in 1975 and contains 84 fund units. It stores insurgent flags, flags of parties and political organizations,...

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Collection "Documents after 1944"

Collection "Documents after 1944" The "Documents after 1944" collection was established in 1975 and contains over 6000 fund units. According to the information they carry, they are…

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Fabric Collection

Fabrics Collection The Fabrics Collection covers all types of handloom fabrics, as well as a small group of factory-made fabrics and knits. The collection contains over…

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Collection "Traditional Clothing"

"Traditional clothing" collection The "Traditional clothing" collection includes women's, men's and children's clothing from the period XIX - the first half of the XX century. The collection includes over 3800 inventory...

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Weapons Collection

"Weapons" Collection The "Weapons" Collection of the National History Museum includes more than 2000 pieces of Balkan, Eastern, European and American firearms and melee weapons from the XVIII, XIX and...

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