The exposition on the Third Bulgarian Kingdom is located in hall No. 5 of the National History Museum and covers the period from the restoration of the Bulgarian state in 1878 to its declaration as a People's Republic in 1946. More than 800 items of cultural property represent major events of the native history, related to the political, economic and cultural development of New Bulgaria.

Among the exhibits are the Tarnovo Constitution, coats of arms of the Principality and Kingdom of Bulgaria, commemorative medals, portraits and photographs of the Bulgarian monarchs - Prince Alexander I, Prince Ferdinand I (tsar from 1908), Princess Maria Louise, Queen Eleonora, Tsar Boris III and Queen Joanna. Personal belongings, documents and portraits of prominent political, cultural and scientific figures are shown, including Todor Burmov, Petko Karavelov, Dragan Tsankov, Stefan Stambolov, Dr. Konstantin Stoilov, Alexander Malinov, Andrey Lyapchev, Aleko Konstantinov, Elisaveta Bagryana, Vasil Gendov, Prof. Vasil Zlatarski, Prof. Gavril Katsarov, Prof. Bogdan Filov and others.
The exhibition, rich in content, contains original documents and objects related to the political life in the country, the Unification of Eastern Rumelia with the Principality of Bulgaria, the declaration of the Independence of Bulgaria, its economic development, the wars for national unification. The exhibits presenting the academic work, Bulgarian literature and science, cinema and opera are interesting.

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