The exhibition of the National History Museum presents three original books from the collection of the NIM - the Paisieva belova from the 80s of the 18th century - a complete and accurate transcript of the Painting Draft, the transcript of daskal Todor Pirdopski from the 20s - 30s . in the 19th century, containing the full text of the "History of Slavonic Bulgaria" and the first printed edition of Paisi's history, published in 1844 in Budim under the name Tsarstvenik or Istorija Bolgarskaya by Hristaki Pavlovich.

The exhibition "The Spirit of Paisian History" is organized in three modules. An interactive corner has been organized for the youngest visitors to the museum, where everyone can get involved in the creation of a new transcript of the "Slavic Bulgarian History" by transcribing a part of Paisi's text in a special, hand-made book. Anyone can create an original inscription based on a template or learn more about the topic, having fun digitally, ordering thematic puzzles, tests and riddles, and looking at the photos of various transcripts and remakes. Around the manuscripts, on light panels, some of the most vivid and popular quotes from "Slavic Bulgarian History" are displayed.

The exhibition tells about the atmosphere in the Svetogorsk monasteries at the time of the creation of "Slavic Bulgarian History"; about the personality of Paisius of Hilendarski and the inspiration that moves him; for the content, style and language of the Paisian History and for the influence of its spirit on the followers of Paisian and the Bulgarian revivalists. The museum narrative ends with the theme of the memory of the name and personality of Paisiy Hilendarski and the significance of his work in the history of post-liberation Bulgaria.

The exhibition "The Spirit of Paisian History" will be available to museum visitors until the month of March 2023.

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