International conference. Collection of reports.

The Boyan Church Between East and West in the cultural-historical context of the XNUMXth century

The Organizing Committee:
Prof. Dr. Biserka Penkova
Dr. Kalin Yordanov / Dr. Kalin Yordanov
Dr. Petranka Nedelcheva / Dr. Petranka Nedelcheva
Dr. Ralica Kacova / Dr. Ralica Kacova
Mihail Vaklinov
Magdalena Marinova / Magdalena Marinova
Petar Stefanov / Petar Stefanov
Conference proceedings
Assoc. Prof. Ilian Boyanov/Assoc. Dr. Iliyan Boyanov
Cover picture/Image on the cover
Archangel Gabriel from the Annunciation scene, 13th c / Archangel Gabriel from the scene
"Annunciation", XIII century.

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